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We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

Ameridian Proverb

Time for action

In less than two centuries of industrial revolution, the man has managed to deteriorate his habitat, the Earth, beautiful and fragile result of millions of years or evolution.

We are totally convinced that time has come to act, to repair what can be repaired to prepare the future, so that humanity will have further progressed in its evolution in a more conscious and fair world, the Earth will still be capable of providing a shelter for its inhabitants.

Today, our planet is running out of steam because it doesn't have any longer its own natural means to compensate men's ecological print.

The point of alter is reached. Natural balances prove to be more fragile than men have been used to imagine for decades. The erosion of biodiversity has reached a level unique in life's history on Earth.

Destructions of forests take such proportion that, every single year, more than twelve million hectares disappear, which is the equivalent of four times the total surface of Belgium.
No one can ignore this implacable fact: the Earth has reached an unprecedented point of vulnerability and now the damage is visible to the naked eye.

We have a duty of solidarity towards the next generations. We have to accept our heavy responsibility in the current situation. We have no right to leave to our children as unique heritage the administration of our mistakes. If we don't take immediate actions, we will be guilty of non assistance towards the humanity in danger.

Frédéric Debouche, Seed of Life President.