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You people have watches, but never have time.

African wisdom

The ecological print

Compensating the ecological print by planting trees.

The available productive biological surface of our planet is estimated to cover a quarter of earth’s total surface.  This means 13.6 billion hectares for a population of 6 billion. Therefore, the durable ecological print of an average human being equals 2,1 hectares to satisfy each year his needs of food, consumption goods, energy and destruction of his own wastes. 

However, there are huge disparities between men ; an American uses on average 10 hectares per year when an European uses 5 hectares and an African less than 2 hectares per year.
The ecological print of an inhabitant of developed countries is about 5 times larger than the one of an inhabitant of a low income country.

This means that to enable each inhabitant of the planet to have the standard of living of an American, we would need the resources of more than 5 Earths…

The occidental way of life uses resources that our future generations will lack of.  In Belgium and Luxembourg, we consume annually the equivalent of 4.6 times the surface of our territory. Today, our Planet doesn’t manage to compensate the human ecological print, therefore naturally our Planet is running out of steam. 

Today, we would need two planets and an half to reach a neutral ecologic print of the human beings.