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We do not inherit the Earth from our Ancestors, we borrow it from our Children.

Ameridian Proverb

Plant trees ?

A tree is source of life and hope.

It produces in average oxygen for 4 people, depending on its species.
Its roots fix sails, hold and purify water by catching the pollutants.
Its branches slow down winds, maintain air humidity and participate in the regulation of climate.
Its leaves fertilize sails.

Ground without trees gets dryer and the lightest rain erodes it and impoverishes it. The forest is the habitat of a vegetal and an animal world that represent more than 50% of biodiversity. It produces what is needed to keep warm, to shelter, to find cures (with medicinal plants) and to feed oneself (with fruits and work that it provides to millions of people).

A tree is a carbon shaft. It absorbs the gas that it inspires and expires to transform it into oxygen. In doing so, it plays an essential role in this period of climate changes, result of carbon emission due to human activities. A dead tree rejects the carbon that it has digested during its entire life. In such a case of a massive deforestation, this is a real disaster.

According to experts, 20% of carbon emissions come from deforestation. It becomes then obvious that by the simple gesture of planting a tree, we will help to reduce carbon emissions and in doing so we will reduce the dramatic impact of climate changes.