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It's not because things are difficult that we dare not venture. It's because we dare not venture that they are difficult.


How many trees ?


You can find on internet several web sites that enable you to calculate your ecological print in a few minutes (type on google “ecological print”).
If you are in the European average, you consume between 7 and 10 hectares per year when in fact the earth can put at your disposal only 2.1.

Therefore, you own annually 6 hectares to the Earth.
We plan 1.000 trees per hectare at an average cost of 10 to 50 euro cents per tree, which represent an average cost of 250 euros per hectare.

If your parents had planted 6 hectares before your birth, those trees would have been matures by the time you reach the age of an adult when you ecological print is more important, therefore those trees could have compensate your ecological print during your life time.

As this is not the case and as you are about at half of your life (the European average being 75 years) you should compensate in planting today the equivalent of 3 hectares for a total cost of 750 euros and pay every year 20 euros for the remaining 3 hectares.

Those figures are of course just an estimation. They would be closer to reality if each person would compensate his/her negative ecological print by financing the equivalent increase of hectares needed to increase the natural resources of our Planet. This is not the case by far….

We believe that planting trees to compensate human ecological print is an easy simple non expensive way to take action.  It is obvious that this will not be enough, we also need to change our habits by consuming less and more wisely.  We don’t wish to offer a “good conscience” to those who would like to continue wasting resources offered by our society, we would rather invite them to compensate for their consumption and in doing so we hope to plant in their brain and in their habits a tiny seed, a seed of life